Me, Myself and I 


So you’re curious about me? Here are some things you need to know.

I’m a creative, outgoing, romantic, straight forward kinda girl. You think it, I blurt it out. I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and my two cats (Fee & Midas).

I’m not blogging full time (sadly). I’m actually a teacher. I teach German in middle school.

I love fashion, and I’m constantly on You-Tube, Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration. I love to go shopping.

When I’m not working/blogging/surfing/shopping, I’m probably on stage singing my heart out. Singing is a big (or should I say vast) part of my life. I could’t live without it. You’ll find more on my Facebook page or on the page of my vocal group Angels Rule.

I love to travel, go to restaurants, see a movie and meet up with friends.

But I also love being home, chill on my enormous couch, sob over a good romantic movie, Netflix all night (“YES! I’m still watching”) and listen to music.

I like taking long walks, preferably om my own. I put on my headphones, press play and start walking. It’s a great way to clear the mind and get new ideas. And it’s a good work out as well.

I’m kind of a gadget freak (so help me God).

So now you got to know me. Thank you so much for reading. Now go and explore my blog! Have fun.

Xoxo Marlies